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Ideal Spa Covers Features

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Above Ground Spa Covers
spas up to 96" x 96"

Every Ideal Spa Cover offers quality features 
without the need for upgrades

  • 4" x 2" Tapered Foam - For Maximum Water Run-off
  • Heavy Duty Marine Vinyl - Treated With UV, Mold & Mildew Inhibitors
  • Vacuumed Sealed Foam (VPB3000) - Prevents Water Logged Foam
  • Four (4) Locking Tie-Downs - ASTM Certified Child Safety Cover
  • Steel Reinforced "C" Channels - For Extra Strength
  • Tear Free Padded Handles - NOT Nylon - it rips & tears
  • Dual Heat Seal Gaskets - Included @ NO Extra Charge!
  • Three (3) Year Warranty - The Best In The Industry!

Ideal Spa Covers uses a 4" x 2" foam core with a FULL Two (2) inches of 

taper (slope) provides for MAXIMUM water run-off.
Available in Three (3) foam densities for ALL parts of the country
(Beware of 3.5" x 2.5" foam cores that only offer 1.0" of taper and flat foams.)

Ideal Spa Covers - Standard Foam The STANDARD 4" x 2" Tapered Core. 1.0lb Density.
Insulation Value = R-13.6
Great for California, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas!
Ideal Spa Covers - Deluxe Foam The DELUXE 4" x 2" Tapered Core. 1.5lb Density.
Insulation Value = R-15.29. Direct replacement for Sundance & Jacuzzi.
HIgher insulation. Suitable for all areas throughout the USA!
Ideal Spa Covers - Heavy Duty Foam The HEAVY DUTY 4" x 2" Tapered Core. 2.0lb Density.
Insulation Value = R-15.78
Great for areas with a lot of snow. Recommended for spas
that have been built into a deck / installed in the ground.

BEWARE... A common "upgrade" on the internet is the 5" x 3" foam. This "Bait N Switch Trick" makes you think "bigger is better". The "other guys" advertise their 4" cover as an "economy" or "indoor" spa cover Because they want you to "upgrade" to the 5" x 3" foam (or 6" x 4" foam) at a higher price. For most areas the 4" x 2" is the perfect choice!

We offer 5" x 3" SUPER FOAM... For Extreme Loads.
Super Foam provides approximately 25% thicker foam and a higher
insulation value but adds approximately 25% more weight to the cover.

Ideal Spa Covers - Super Foam SUPER FOAM 5" x 3" Tapered Core.
Insulation Value = R-20.72
Great for areas with a lot of snow. Recommended for spas
that have been built into a deck / installed in the ground.
Good for dogs that insist on laying on the cover and heavy snow loads.

ALL NEW - Ideal Spa Covers - Exclusive
The Ultimate Waterfall Spa Cover 5" x 2"

The ONLY spa cover that offers a 5" thick foam that tapers (slopes) to 2"providing 50% MORE water run-off! The Ultimate Waterfall Spa Cover has a new stitch pattern, eliminating over 1/3 of the stitches. Like an "A" framed roof, the Ultimate Waterfall Cover is better suited for snow loads and heavy rains!

The Ultimate Waterfall Spa Cover by Ideal Spa Covers The Ultimate Waterfall Spa Cover 5" x 2" Tapered Core.
Insulation Value = R-20.42
The BEST spa cover for areas with snow!



The Ultimate Waterfall Spa Cover with over 2 feet of snow.

The Ultimate Waterfall Spa Cover by Ideal Spa Covers

Provides 50% MORE Water Run-off!

Portable Spa Covers
 most spas up to 96" x 96"

Standard 4"x 2" (1.0lb core) ....... from $349.95
The Deluxe 4"x 2" (1.5lb core)... from $389.95
Heavy Duty 4"x 2"
(2.0lb core)... from $429.95
Super Foam 5"x 3" (Extreme loads)... from $474.95

NEW - Ultimate Waterfall 5"x 2" (Ideal Exclusive$429.95
(Ca. res. add 7.75% sales tax)

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Do YOU live in Orange County or Los Angeles, Ca.?
Orange County Spa Measuring - Only $35.00*
Los Angeles (most cities) Spa Measuring - Only $55.00*
FREE Delivery - $65.00 value
Haul-Away Old Spa Cover - Only $25.00**

* In-home measuring applies to spas, hot tubs with regular shapes (square, rectangle, circle, octagon, etc.). Irregular Shaped spas (oval, free-form, peanut shape, etc.) require a template. Template fee $65.00
** Haul-away of old spa cover, hot tub cover applies to covers made of foam wrapped in vinyl ONLY. No DIY spa covers (i.e. homemade wood cover, metal spa covers.) Vinyl spa covers that have retained water weight are subject to additional fees. Some restrictions apply.

Need A Spa Cover For A Specific Brand Of Spa?
We offer a variety of covers for all brands of spas, including:

• Jacuzzi Hot Tub
• Sundance Spas
• L.A. Spas
• Cal-Spas
• Dimension 1 Spas
• Hot Springs Spas
• Artic Spas
• Caldera Spas
• Coleman Spas
• Thermo Spas
• Grecian Spas
• Custom Spas

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