How Much Are Spa Covers? | Spa Covers Etc.

How Much Are Spa Covers? | Spa Covers Etc.

How Much Are Spa Covers? | Spa Covers Etc.

How Much Should I Pay For A Spa Cover?

With so many spa cover companies to choose from, how do I decide?

When purchasing a new spa cover you should ALWAYS have the option to make it custom! You may be able to call your local pool supply and find one in stock but it is probably one that another customer ordered and did not pick up. For example you may be looking for a 96″ square cover with rounded corners in Blue. The pool supply has a 96″ square cover but it doesn’t have the radius corners. Yes, technically, it will cover over the spa. BUT it wont “FIT” like the original. And it probably will not be the color that you wanted.
When you call Spa Covers Etc., YOU will have the option to make the cover custom!

Spa Covers Etc. sells spa / hot tub covers by Ideal™ Spa Covers. The covers are made to order and custom made.

Lets compare spa covers up to 96″

Most portable spas such as Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, Sundance Spas, Cal-Spas, Hot Springs Spas use the size of 96″ as the standard. This means that, in general, the spas do not exceed sizes OVER 96″. Yes there are spas that are larger but they are referred to as Swim Spas. For this comparison we will compare covers that are 96″ and SMALLER.
A spa cover measuring up to 96″ is made by pairing two (2) pieces of foam together. The size of the foam is 48″ x 96″ (4 feet by 8 feet) when two (2) pieces of foam are paired together the final size is 96″ x 96″. If the spa is smaller, the foam is cut to fit (or in some cases a smaller piece of foam is used in order to maintain the 4″ x 2″ taper.
So, a 96″ spa cover should cost the same as a 60″ spa cover as long as we are comparing apples to apples.
The Difference In Price Is In The Marketing Tactics
Let’s compare The “Standard” Cover from Ideal™ Spa Covers sold by Spa Covers Etc. with “the other guys”.
The Standard cover is 4″ x 2″ with a 1.0lbs foam core.
Spa Covers Etc  has made a chart showing a side by side comparison of the entry level covers
After looking at the chart you realize that the price is a Bait N’ Switch. The cover doesn’t have any color options. Only has a 1 year warranty. Only available in a 2.0 inch skirt (The only time I sell a cover with a 2.0″ skirt is for spas that have been installed in the ground. AND to top it off it is NOT certified as an ASTM spa cover. This is NOT legal in California.
For a personal education, feel free to call Chris, owner of Spa Covers Etc. @ 949) 496-2883