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Spa Covers Frequently Asked Questions

Spa Covers Frequently Asked Questions

Spa Covers Frequently Asked Questions

Spa Covers Frequently Asked Questions

My Old Spa Cover Faded and Cracked. What Can I do In The Future To Protect The New Spa Cover? 

If properly maintained, the spa cover shouldn’t crack during the warranty period. Cleaning the cover and regular use of 303 Aerospace Protectant will stop slow fade by 95% over 5 years. Ideal™ Spa Covers feels that 4-6 years is s good life expectancy of a spa cover that has NO maintenance and constant exposure to the sun. Our customers have reported back that they got up to 10 years with monthly cleaning of the spa cover and 303 Aerospace Protectant used every other month.


How Do I Measure The Spa Cover?
The Old Cover Didn’t Seem To Fit Correctly.

If you know the Make, Model, and Year the spa was made (not purchased), Spa Covers Etc. can use the spa manufacturer’s dimensions and compare those to the dimensions that you get from measuring the spa. Spa Covers Etc. does not provide the dimensions for the customer unless we physically measure the spa. It is not very common, but the spa manufactures have been known to change the dimensions of a model mid-year which can cause a great deal of confusion. Additionally it is very common for customer to keep the brochure for the spa at the time of purchase. The dimensions provided on the brochure usually are rounded off to the nearest inch which can cause the cover to be the wrong size. AND the brochures do not mention the size of the radius corners or cut corners, so you will need to provide this information.
Spa Covers Etc. has put together a helpful guide:

How To Measure A Spa

What Is The Skirt And What Is The Purpose?

  • The skirt covers the fiberglass on the outside of the spa protecting it from UV rays.
  • The skirt does NOT provide any type of seal. It is for UV protection and looks.

Which Foam Type Do I Want / Need?

With all the choices it can be difficult to decide which foam type is best for your scenario. Ideal™ Spa Covers is the OEM of spa covers for: Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, Sundance Spas, Dimensions One Spas, Cal-Spas and more. Because the are the OEM they know exactly to what specs the covers was made and what foam type came standard with your cover. When it is time for a replacement Spa Covers Etc. will ask questions in order to determine which foam type is best for your climate, safety needs, etc.
Standard Foam – 1.0lbs foam core with a 4″ x 2″ tapered core. This is the most common cover for spas located in Southern California and most southern states.
Deluxe Foam – 1.5lbs. foam core with a 4″ x 2″ tapered core. Many spa manufacturers have gone to the Deluxe Foam in order to have less inventory on hand. Instead of using the 1.0lbs for the southern parts of the country and the 2.0lbs for the colder, northern states, many companies default to the 1.5lbs. as a way to cover every scenario with one cover model If the current spa cover uses a 1.5lbs foam and you decide to purchase a 1.0lbs foam core to save money, be aware that the insulation value of the 1.0lbs foam is less and you will use more electricity to keep the spa heated.
Heavy Duty Foam – 2.0lbs foam core with a 4″ x 2″ tapered core. This upgrade is recommended for any area that gets ANY amount of snow or temperatures below 50F degrees. All spa covers sold by Spa Covers Etc. can handle a snow load of 300lbs but the Heavy Duty can handle almost double that! Did you know that your spa is equipped with a freeze control? That’s right! Your spa will turn itself on and begin to heat the water automatically if the spa gets below 40 degrees. With a higher insulation the spa heater will run less frequently and you will notice the savings $$$. With the Heavy Duty Spa Cover you will have twice the foam density as the Standard Spa Cover.
ALL spa covers for in-ground spas use Heavy Duty or Super Foam by default.
Super Foam – A 5″ x 3″ Spa cover with a twist! Many times in life you hear “Bigger IS Better” and sometimes this is true. But ask yourself, why do I need a spa cover this thick? The answer: You probably do NOT need it. The Super Foam Spa Cover uses a core that is 25% thicker than the Standard cover. It DOES provide a stronger cover with a higher insulation. But it comes with added weight compared to the 4″ x 2″ spa covers.
Both types of cover has a FULL 2.0″ of taper (slope) which encourages the water to run-off quickly. In reality, Super Foam should be purchased based on the scenario not just because it is Bigger. For example, the spa is built-in (in-ground) and you have a dog that insists on laying on the spa cover because it is warm. Over time the Standard cover may sag. This is less likely with Super Foam. Or maybe you want that extra confidence because you have children and you want to keep them safe. A Super Foam cover may be the hot ticket!

The Ultimate Waterfall Spa Cover

The ONLY 5″ x 2″ spa cover! With a FULL 3.0″ of taper (slope) water will run-off the Ultimate Waterfall Spa Cover faster than any other spa cover. ADDITIONALLY… the new stitch design has eliminated over 1/3 of the stitches from the topside of the cover so water can’t penetrate the cover from above. The new design is stronger than any other cover and designed like no other cover! Great for any area! Get a lot of rain? This is the cover for your spa.

pictured above:
The Ultimate Waterfall Spa Cover with OVER 2 Feet of Snow.

If the 4″spa cover is good, is a 5″ or 6″ cover better?

Not necessarily. Chose the spa cover based upon your spa’s scenario. What type of climate do you have? Do you have a cover lifter on the spa? You are getting older, do you have to manually remove the cover by hand? Thicker spa covers are heavier and may cause problems when removing/ replacing.over.
Density of the foam and the taper are the most important things to consider about the foam core. The higher the density, the higher the insulation. If the foam doesn’t have a decent taper it will puddle and take on water weight. The 5″ and 6″ spa covers available today still use the 2″ taper but they do it with a thicker cover (and it is heavier). A question that comes to mind: do these 5″ and 6″ covers do anything different when it comes to sewing the cover together or are they same as the lighter spa covers? This will make a difference n the long run. Due to its weight, the heavier cover will be dropped, dragged across the deck/cement. It is more likely to tear, especially when the vinyl becomes older and the foam retains moisture. Buy a spa cover that best fits your needs, NOT what the cover company tells you is the best!