Why Do I Need A Hot Tub Cover?


Why Do I Need A Hot Tub Cover?

Is a Hot tub cover really necessary? Yes they are.

Portable Spas – Fiberglass / Acrylic Spas / Hot Tubs

A hot tub cover has many benefits. If your spa / hot tub is made of fiberglass or acrylic, you MUST cover it because the sun’s UV rays will damage all areas above the waterline. “Spider web” type cracks will begin to appear and they will eventually turn into cracks that cause the tub to leak. For more information about portable spa covers click here https://www.spacoversetc.com/portable-spa-covers/

Plaster Spas (aka Gunite)

Plaster spas (a type of cement) does not require a cover to protect it from the sun. The tile @ the waterline is designed to protect the plaster as the water level fluctuates from evaporation. But plaster spas do benefit from a cover and may be required by law in your state. For more information about plaster spas click here https://www.spacoversetc.com/in-ground-spa-covers/

Reasons To Cover Your Spa / Hot Tub

1) Local state ordinance may require that your cover is ASTM approved to be a child safety cover that is lockable.
2) Portable spas / hot tubs use electric heaters and are NOT able to raise the temperature of cold water to 104 degrees without a cover.
3) Users of portable spas / hot tubs generally set the thermostat to 90 degrees and when they are ready to use the spa it is already warm. It should take about 20-30 minutes to raise the temperature to the ideal setting of 104 degrees. This would NOT be possible without an insulating cover.
4) Prevents evaporation
5) Prevents the sun’s UV rays from destroying the sanitizer (chlorine, bromine, etc.).
6) Keeps dirt and debris out of the water (and rain).
7) Keeps animals out of the water.
8) Designed to prevent children under 5 years from entering the spa unknowingly (when all 4 locks are locked).
9) Keeps energy cost down!