Tips to Keep Your Spa Cover Looking As Good As New


Tips to Keep Your Spa Cover Looking As Good As New

Arranging a luxurious and relaxing hot tub experience can be overwhelming. You need to take care of the tub’s size, the measurement of your place, the ease of access to a water source, and keep room for accessories and a cover. Interesting, the spa covering that you chose from a multitude of spa covers in California needs some care and maintenance too. While protecting your hot tub, all the external vagaries your cover undergoes a lot of wear and tear. Here are a few care tips to keep the cover looking as good as new:

  • Clean your spa cover every month with a solution of mild soap and water. This keeps their coat clean and shiny. Make sure to use a gentle, pH-neutral cleaner to be gentle against the cover’s surface. You can even hose it down and then absorb the excess water with a sponge. Dry the surface post washing.
  • Avoid the use of an abrasive sponge commonly used for utensils. Use a small, clean hand towel, a regular sponge, or a soft-bristled brush to scrape any tough stain or dirt.
  • If required, you can use a cover wipe or even a conditioner to protect the surface coat against heat and cracking. However, make sure you stay away from any oil-based protectants. Instead of providing protection, they magnify the intensity of the impact of the sun rays. In case of rains, make sure to not lift your cover without getting rid of the water lodged on its surface. In addition to being very heavy to lift, the excess weight can even damage your cover and ruin its polish.
  • Always use a spa cover lift for your cover. It makes lifting the cover convenient to lift and avoids damage while moving it.
  • Make sure to keep your spa covers latched whenever in use. Especially if you are staying in a windy area, such as in California, you need to ensure that your cover stays in place while someone is in a tub to avoid any precedent of an accident.
  • If you have kids or pets in your place, make sure they never sit on your hot tub covers.
  • In case of mold or mildew, use a vinegar solution to clean thoroughly and get rid of the smell.
  • Is your spa tub sitting under the canopy of a huge tree? Chances are your spa cover must have had one or more instances of a sappy situation. In the case of tree sap, you can rub some vegetable oil to get rid of the sticky situation.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is removing the spa cover every day for an hour to remove the accumulated smell/ gas and dry the tub well.

With the incorporation of these few tips and tricks, you can extend the life of your spa covers. In case you are looking for quality spa covers in California, browse our online outlet or dial (949)-496-2883 today for assistance and order-related info.