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How To Measure A Spa / Hot Tub

With Radius Corners or Cut Corners

Square Spa

Standard Square

Square Spa With Rounded Corners

Rounded Corners Square

Square Spa With Four Cut Corners

Cut Corners Square

Standard Square = Corners come to a 90-degree point. Length & Width required. No additional measurements required.

Rounded Corners Square = Corners have been "rounded off"  See instructions for measuring rounded corners (aka radius corners).

Cut Corners Square = Corners have been "cut off". (Beware, sometimes the cut corners are different sizes!)

Ordering Your Spa Cover

We recommend drawing your spa on paper  (including the fold) and measuring all corresponding sides before placing your final order.

Step 1: Choose the "Fold" Option

(If you have a cover lifter we need to know which fold option.)

Fold Option Diagram

Step 2: Measure Length and Width of Spa.

Rectangle Diagram

Measure Your  Spa - Outer edge to outer edge. (Do NOT measure the water.)

Some spas have "Cut Corners" and/or "Radius Corners" (Rounded Corners)

Rounded and Cut Corners

Rounded Corners (aka radius corners) require a Carpenter's Square (or 2 straight edges) to accurately measure the radius. Center the Square over the rounded corner. Count the number of inches from Point A to Point B (see diagram below).

How to Measure Rounded Corners

Spas that have "Cut Corners" require a few extras measurements (see diagram below). Include all dimensions when ordering.

How to Measure Cut Corners Diagram

Depending on the shape of your spa we may require dimensions for all sides, cut corners, rounded corners as well as the dimension in between (see diagram above).

Step 3: Choose a color for your new spa cover.

All colors have been factory treated with mold/ mildew inhibitors & UV resistance.

Click Here for color options

Step 4: Measure Skirt Length.

Measure from the top of the spa to the bottom of the spa lip.

Hot Tub Edge ***Spas installed in the ground or in a deck may not require a skirt.

Step 5: Safety Tie-Downs? How Many?

Options of 2, 4 or None. Note* four (4) Tie-downs are required for the order to be certified as Child Safety Cover.

Step 6: Vapor Proof Barrier (VPB3000) Single or Double Wrap?

Ideal Spa Covers come standard with single wrap vapor proof barrier VPB3000.

We recommend a double wrap for spas equipped with ozonators.

Step 7: Foam Type?

We offer five (5) foam core options for your spa depending on where you live in the USA.

Types of Foam

It's That EASY!

 Any questions, please call
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Do YOU Live In Orange County or Los Angeles, Ca.?

Orange County Spa Measuring - Only $35.00*
Los Angeles (most cities) Spa Measuring - Only $55.00*
FREE Backyard Delivery - $85.00 value

Haul-Away Old Spa Cover** - Only $25.00**

* In-home measuring applies to spas, hot tubs with regular shapes (square, rectangle, circle, octagon). Irregular shaped spas (oval, free-form, peanut shape, etc.) require a template. Template fee $65.00.

** Haul-away of old spa cover, hot tub cover applies to covers made of foam wrapped in vinyl ONLY. No DIY spa covers (i.e. Homemade wood cover, metal spa covers.) Vinyl spa covers, hot tub covers that have retained weight are subject to additional haul-away fees. Some restrictions apply.

949) 427-8956

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Contact us if you require assistance in measuring your spa. We can answer the most difficult questions to guarantee that you receive the perfect fit for your spa. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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