Friquently Ask Questions

  • If properly maintained, the cover should not crack. See our Spa Cover Care for details
  • Regular use of 303 Aerospace Protectant will reduce slow fade by 95%
  • The life expectancy of the cover is 4 to 6 years without maintenance. Our customers have reported up to 10 years with a monthly cleaning of the cover and 303 Aerospace Protectant.
  • The vinyl will remain flexible if cleaned with soap and water bi-monthly.
  • Spa Covers, Etc. offers 303 Aerospace Protectant w/ cover purchase.
  • If you know the Make, Model and Year the spa was made (not the year it was purchased), we can use the specifications provided by the manufacturer to make your spa cover.
  • Measure the Length and Width along with the Skirt Length. Also note if there are Cut Corners or Radius (rounded) Corners. Don’t forget to mention things like pop-up speakers & stereos.
  • If you live in Orange County or Southern L.A., for a small fee, Chris will come to you and make an in-home presentation and measure the spa for you.
  • Click Here for Measuring Instructions.
  • Local Delivery to Orange County is approximately ONE WEEK after your order has been placed.
  • Local deliveries are usually performed on Fridays.
  • For covers shipped outside O.C., delivery time is approximately 7 to 10 working days.

NOTE: Covers are shipped via common carrier freight company. UPS and Fed Ex do not deliver covers.

Typically, above ground spas have an outer edge of fiberglass that is exposed to the sun. The cover incorporates a flap to cover the exposed area. Usually 3″ to 4″ in length. Other than covering the fiberglass, its purpose is for aesthetics. It does NOT help to retain heat or create a “seal”.

  • Not necessarily. It’s not the thickness of the cover BUT the density of the foam (1.0#, 1.5#, or 2.0#)
  • We offer Super Foam. It is 5 to 3 inches thick, but we only recommend it to support HEAVY LOADS.
  • You May Consider SUPER FOAM If pets WALKING ON TOP of Cover will be an issue.
  • The Ultimate Waterfall Spa Cover Is the only 5″ thick cover that WE recommend!
    • Ideal™ Spa Covers are the OEM manufacturer of many spas. (Sundance Spas, Cal Spas, Dimension One Spas, and more)
    • 1.0# foam/R-12 insulation value. Lightweight & easy to remove from the spa. Standard on most portable spas / hot tubs when you purchase your spa with the cover.
    • 1.5# foam/R-17 insulation value is used by Sundance Spas on all models.
    • 2.0# foam/R-19 insulation value. Used for in-ground spas. An upgrade for above ground spas. The added insulation will save electricity and is less likely to crack if it is stepped on.
    • 1.5# SUPER FOAM/ R-19 insulation value. For spas exposed to heavy snow loads.
      Super Foam is GREAT for small/ medium dogs that insist on taking sun baths on the cover!


Spa Covers and Hot Tub Covers are the SAME ITEM. Because many companies have used different words to describe the same product as a way to differentiate themselves from their competition there is now some confusion. There is not a standard name for a hot tub cover/ spa cover. We find many people asking what are the differences between the names. The answer is nothing. Here are some of the most common terms we hear used for a hot tub cover: spas cover, hot tub covers, hot tub lid, hot tub tops, Sundance spa covers, hot tub spa cover, Sunstar cover, Hot Springs spa covers, hot tub covers, walk on spa covers, spa cap, spa lids, cal spa covers.

Ideal™ Spa Covers is the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for many brands of spas and hot tubs. Ideal™ Spa Covers made the original cover for Sundance Spas, Dimension One Spas, York Spas, Hot Springs Spas and many more!

We also have templates for most of the big name brand spas such as: Cal Spas, Caldera Spas, Coleman Spas, L.A. Spas, Thermo Spas, Artesian Spas, Arctic Spas, Viking Spas, Master Spa, Costco Spas, Life Spas, Marquis Spas, and many more!

Spas and Hot Tubs with speakers may require a template/ drawing. We also make covers for Free Formed Spas and REALLY, REALLY, REALLY BIG SPAS!