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Ideal™ Spa Covers feature the highest quality materials and prides itself in their high-quality craftsmanship. Combined with the customer service provided by Spa Covers Etc. – AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR – You’ll discover why Ideal™ Spa Covers are the RIGHT CHOICE!

Every Ideal™ Spa Cover is made in Orange County, Ca. Since 1987. Spa Covers, Etc. does NOT import spa covers from Mexico or China.

Safety is especially important around spas and hot tubs and if you have small children or pets you must be even more careful. In order to help maintain a fun experience when using the spa all of our spa covers meets or exceeds all ASTM safety standards. (Your homeowner’s insurance may require your spa cover to be stamped as ASTM certified.)

Ideal™ Spa Covers uses a unique formula blend. Since there is NOT a vinyl made specifically for spa covers, Ideal™ Spa Covers work closely with the vinyl manufacturer and has made “tweaks” to the recipe over the years to insure that the vinyl will remain soft and flexible. The vinyl has also been treated with mold and mildew inhibitors and U.V. protection. Available in 16 colors.

Unlike other manufacturers that use FLAT foam, Ideal™ Spa Covers uses 4″ to 2″ Tapered (sloped) closed cell virgin foam core. For extra strength and added insulation, the foam is available in a variety of densities. The foam is reinforced with a steel “C” channel for extra support. Ideal™ Spa Covers NOW OFFERS 5″ x 2″ Tapered Foam, the ONLY Spa Cover With THREE (3) INCH TAPER! Ask About The Ultimate Waterfall Spa Cover Today!

Spa covers are attacked from above and below by MOISTURE! Rain and snow can penetrate the stitches from above and steam from below. Thanks to the VPB3000 this is NOT a problem for Ideal™ Spa Covers. Unlike polyethylene plastic (sandwich baggie material) the VPB3000 uses a special blend of plastics that are Ten Times More Resistant against moisture from penetrating and touching the foam core. The VPB3000 is vacuumed sealed by machine guaranteeing that the foam is sealed away from moisture. Standard with Every Cover! No Extra Charge!

Ideal™ Spa Covers come with a Three (3) Year Warranty. Beware of warranties that offer “too good to be true” terms. Ideal™ Spa Covers have been in business since 1989 and stands behind their covers.

FIVE (5) Layers of added strength where you need it the most insures trouble free cover removal. Made with matching colors that will not tear or fade.

Don’t settle for ugly BLACK NYLON handles that will degrade quickly with U.V. exposure?

A unique set of handles to aid in the removal of the cover in confined spaces (i.e. gazebos).

Prevents children or intruders from tampering with the spa. May be locked with a key. Helps to keep cover on when the wind blows. (High wind straps available when required). The lock is a 2-Part system, 1-part is connected to the spa cover by a tie down strap, the 2nd part connects to the spa/ deck with screws.

Industrial grade vinyl with polyester fabric reinforcement for durability is used for the bottom side of the cover. Treated with Bromine and mildew inhibitors. Drain grommets add a feature that aids in the release of moisture that gets trapped between the vinyl and the VPB3000.