Spa Cover Colors

Spa Cover Colors



Spa Cover Colors

DISCLAIMER: The color chart is for reference only. Shades may vary due to the color and resolution of your computer screen and/or color printer output. Neither Spa Covers Etc. nor Ideal™ Spa Covers is responsible or liable for color matches made with the online color chart. Actual color swatches are available from Spa Covers Etc., please call 949.496.2883.

Ideal™ Spa Covers offers a wide range of 16 brilliant colors for YOUR new hot tub cover. Every Ideal™ Spa Cover has been treated with mold/ mildew inhibitors and treated with U.V. protection.

A little care can go a long way, we recommend using 303 Aerospace Protectant every month in addition to cleaning the spa cover with soap and water.



Every two weeks (or as needed):

  • NOTE* Do NOT clean the cover under direct sunlight. Do NOT clean the cover if it is hot (or very warm) to the touch.
  • Wash the spa cover (don’t just rinse) with a mild soap (Ivory, Dawn, Palmolive, etc.)
  • Using a Non-scratch sponge or terry cloth gently wipe away all the dirt and debris from the top of the spa cover. (Never use a S.O.S. pad, squeegee, bristle brush, car wash pad, etc.)
  • Rinse the cover completely from all soap and debris
  • Dry the cover with a gentle terry cloth. Make sure all water is removed to avoid hard water spotting.

Monthly (Every three to six weeks)

  • After the spa cover has been washed thoroughly and dried completely spray303 Aerospace Protectant evenly onto the entire cover.
  • Using a clean micro fiber towel wipe completely dry (if streaking occurs to much product has been used. Use a wet towel to remove any excess. Immediately Wipe Completely Dry!
  • (The product does not air dry) Using a 2nd micro-fiber towel, extra buffing will INCREASE bonding, repellency and longevity.
  • Repeat every 3-6 weeks for best protection.

We don’t use the spa for months at a time. We don’t use it in the winter…

EVEN if you do NOT use the spa for long periods of time, the cover and the spa water still needs attention. During the rains water can past through the stitches and allow water to accumulate between the foam and the vinyl skin causing it to gain a lot of water weight the water will also enter the spa and may fill it over the top. Carefully and slowly lift ½ of the spa cover and stand it upright. If water is trapped inside the cover will be noticeably heavy and water will come out of the stitches. Stand upright until the water completely drains.

If the spa or hot tub is constantly heated and covered, steam will enter the spa cover. This is 100% normal. If the spa cover isn’t removed for long periods of time the steam will build up inside. Once the cover is removed the steam cools and turns into water. The water should drain through the numerous drain holes but may become trapped due to the cover being in the same position constantly. Lifting the cover upright for a 2nd time may be necessary.

Every week check the spa cover to ensure that it hasn’t become heavy with water or steam.

Chemical days – I do it myself or I have a poolman clean the spa?

  • On the days that chemicals are added we recommend leaving the cover partially or 100% open after adding chemicals for at least 30 minutes (up to 1 hour). The sanitizer (chlorine, bromine, ozone, etc.) will find the harmful bacteria in the first 15-30 minutes and kill everything. THEN it wants to OXIDISE (aka rust). The sanitizer will gas off toxic fumes into the atmosphere and if the cover is on these fumes bombard the spa cover 24/7. The fumes are strongest in the first half hour so remove the cover during this time for maximum cover life. Tell the poolman to leave the cover off on the days he cleans the spa (or at least folded in half).
  • If you can’t remove the cover completely, alternate each week the side that is left open.

General Tips:

  • When the cover is removed stand cover upright (like a suitcase) with the handles pointing upward. There are four (4) pads sewn and stitched onto the bottom of the cover. These “dual purpose heat seal gaskets” act as a good resting place for the cover so the vinyl isn’t scratched during storage.
  • If you store the cover (in the garage, etc.) for longer than a week, clean it completely and apply 303 Aerospace Protectant first.
  • If the cover retains water and becomes heavy, raise ½ of the cover SLOWLY. As water drains it will eventually lighten up. It might be time for a new spa cover?