Spa Cover Ordering Guide


Spa Cover Ordering Guide

Everything you will need to know when ordering a spa cover


Always measure the spa (not the old cover) first. I do not recommend ordering a spa cover or spa cover replacement online (or by phone) by make, model & year. Using the measurements provides the spa cover manufacturer exactly what you want and you can verify if the order is correct when the spa cover arrives.

You will need:

* Length & width (measured outer edge to outer edge of the spa)
* Corner dimensions – Radius (rounded) corners or Cut corners
* Skirt length – The skirt protects the portion of the fiberglass/ acrylic from UV exposure.

Click here for a complete “how to measure spa” guide


Our spa covers, as well as jacuzzi and hot tub covers, are available in 16 vibrant colors. All colors have UV protection built into the vinyl to help prevent fading.

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Foam Core

You are almost done! You just need to decide which foam core is best for your scenario.

Your new spa cover will keep dirt and debris out of the water, protect the chemicals from UV exposure, keep children out of the spa (when properly locked) and MOST OF ALL, it will keep the spa hot and ready to use. And for the spa owners that keep the spa heated and ready to go this is the MOST important decision when purchasing a new spa cover; WHICH FOAM CORE DO I NEED? Do I need the 4”x 2” or the 5”x 3” and what’s with the 4”x 6”?

The numbers reflect the thickness and the taper (slope/pitch). Most of the spa covers that we sell are 4”x 2” meaning that they are 4” (four inches) thick and they taper to 2” (two inches). This allows for rainwater to run off the cover so it doesn’t puddle. The key here is the 2” (two inch) taper (I can’t believe how often I see flat foam spa covers).

We do have a 5”x 3” available for EXTREME situations such as heavy snow loads and in-ground spas that may be stepped on. Note ** they are thicker but they are HEAVIER.  And the 4”x 6” is almost double the foam weight as our 4”x 2”.

The main thing all of these foam types have in common is the 2” (Two inches) of taper. The taper (slope/ pitch) of the cover allows water run-off and all of these are the same so the extra thickness is just adding weight to the cover.

In addition to the foam core thickness, you will need to choose the foam density. This is written as 1.0lbs, 1.5lbs, and 2.0lbs. The 1.0lbs (one pound) foam density (aka standard) is the lightest of the available foam cores and is recommended for warm climates as it lacks a high insulation value.

Typically, we recommend the 1.5lbs (one & half pound) foam core for its added insulation. The price increase pays for itself thanks to the reduced heating costs.

The 2.0lbs (two pound) foam is BEST for cold climates and areas that have snow. We also sell this cover for in-ground applications.
The Super Foam 5”x 3” is BEST suited for extreme snow climates or for dogs that insist on lying on the spa cover.

By the way, did we mention that we offer the ONLY 5”x 2” spa cover? Our cover features a full 3.0” (three inches) of taper for the BEST water run-off. Recommended for areas with rain and snow.


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Order online (covers up to 96”)

For larger spa covers over 96” and for spas with free-formed shapes, please call for a quote.