Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Spa Cover

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Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Spa Cover



Depending on your climate and the type of spa consider these points when purchasing a new spa cover. Portable spas/ hot tubs come in a variety of sizes and shapes. It is important to have the cover fit properly in order to retain heat and keep debris and moisture out of the spa. Spas that measure 96″ x 96″ or smaller use a typical two-piece design containing two panels sewn together and fold in half. The foam core is 48″ wide x 96″ long. If we put two together we get 96″ x 96″ square. Depending on the size and shape of your spa we will cut/shape the cover to fit your needs.

If the length is longer than 96″it will require a third panel. We refer to this as the three-piece design. We will take the length of the cover in inches and divide that number equally by the number of panels. All three panels will be equal. Two panels sewn together and fold in half. For convenience the third panel attaches with a Velcro flap. If the width of the spa is over 96″ (up to 120″) AND the length is also over 96″ you will need the over-sized three-piece spa cover.We can accommodate the width of a spa up to 120″.  As far as the length of the spa cover is concerned, we add panels until we have the proper length. Basically any size spa!

You will need a tape measure for shapes such as square, round, octagon, hexagon and rectangle to determine the size. For shapes such as oval, stretched octagon and free formed spas (e.g. kidney bean shape) will require a template in order to fit properly.

A carpenter’s square is needed for radius corners (rounded corners).

***Remember to measure the area that you want the cover to rest, NOT the length of the water. The cover sits on the edge of the spa. It does NOT fit into the spa or float on the water. In ground Gunite/ plaster spas should have a minimum of 3″ to 4″ perimeter around the spa for the cover to rest onto.

What foam density?
What is the difference between 1.0# and 2.0# foam?
The density is a measurement of the degree of compactness of the foam inside the spa cover. The density is one of the main things to consider. Density and thickness Do NOT go hand in hand. Just because a cover is thicker does not mean it more dense.

Ideal™ Spa Covers are available in the following:

Standard – 1.0 lbs. foam (4″ x 2″ tapered) R-12 value
The Deluxe – 1.5 lbs foam core (4″ x 2″ Taper R-17 value
Heavy Duty 2.0 lbs. foam (4″ x 2″ tapered) R-19 value
Super Foam 5″ x 3″ R-22 value
Ultimate Waterfall Spa Cover – 1.5 lb foam (5″ x 2″ tapered foam) R-15 value.
The R-Value has to do with the energy efficiency and cost savings of using the spa. Spa covers with higher R values are more energy efficient. If the spa is outdoors or if you live in a colder climate the R-value of the cover is more important than if your spa is indoors.

Tapered Foam
Simply put….water will not run-off a flat cover. The water tends to puddle in the center of the cover causing it to gain weight and wear prematurely. Spa covers made by Ideal™ Spa Covers have two inches of taper for maximum run-off of rainwater and snow melt. In the center they are 4″ thick and taper to 2″. Spa covers of yesteryear were either flat or 3.5″ to 2.5″ with only 1″ of taper 50% less than our spa covers.  Recently (March 2014) Ideal™ Spa Covers released its newest design. The Ultimate Waterfall spa cover. This cover has 3 inches of taper, 50% more than any other spa cover! It is 5″ thick and tapers to 2″. For more information about the Ultimate Waterfall spa cover visit Ultimate Waterfall Spa Cover

Spa covers that are NOT specifically stamped “Meets ASTM Certification”…. are not safety covers. In order for a spa cover to meet this certification the spa cover must submit their spa cover to a lab for independent testing and the cover must meet the standards. The cover must have four(4) locking tie downs with keys. Spa covers are meant to cover the spa Not to be walked on or sat on.

VPB 3000 Vapor Proof Barrier Vs.  the other guys covers.

If the foam is exposed to moisture it will become water-logged! The VPB 3000 completely eliminates this problem. The VPB 3000 is a special proprietary blend of plastics that is wrapped around the foam and vacuumed sealed to protect the foam from steam that will penetrate the stitches when the cover is on a hot spa. Steam that gets into the vinyl stays separated from the foam due to the VPB 3000 and when the steam cools/ turns into water it drains out of the drain holes located under the cover.
Other spa cover companies use a simple polyethylene plastic and tape it shut. The plastic is porous and will allow steam to penetrate into the foam. When the steam cools it becomes water again and is trapped inside the plastic bag forever. Only a vacuum sealed spa cover done by professional machines (not a hand held unit) can guarantee that the cover is be safe.

For more information about spa covers, visit us @ Spa Covers Etc.

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