When Is It Time to Replace Your Hot Tub Cover?

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When Is It Time to Replace Your Hot Tub Cover?



Typically, hot tub covers will have a life-span of 4-6 years. In addition to exposure to the elements (i.e. smog, direct sunlight, rains, snow, etc.) they are also bombarded by the fumes from sanitizing chemicals (i.e. chlorine, bromine, ozone, etc.).

  1. It has ripped, torn, or cracked.
    Over time the vinyl may crack, rip, tear or become discolored. This eyesore is not something a hot tub owner will want.
    Holes in the vinyl may result in heat escaping, ultimately causing high electricity bills. Additionally, tears at the hinge/fold will not allow the cover to sit properly on the hot tub.
  2. The Jacuzzi hot tub cover is too heavy to lift.
    After rains, an old worn-out cover may absorb a lot of water causing it to weigh much more than a new cover. Water-logged covers will wick away heat from the heated hot tub causing the electrical bill to skyrocket!
  3. It sags in the middle and puddles form during the rains.
    Cracked foam cores and waterlogged foam can cause a hot springs spa cover to sag in the center. As the center section sags the edges begin to rise, breaking the seal between the cover and the hot tub. The hot tub will not be able to maintain a constant temperature and heating costs will rise. To avoid this, get a new hot tub cover in California ASAP!
  4. Your hot tub cover stinks!
    All Ideal Spa Covers have mold and mildew inhibitors built into the vinyl to prevent foul odors from invading the hot tub. A stinky cover will deposit moldy, dirty water into the hot tub when its removed. Who wants to bathe in this?
  5. Broken Tie Downs:
    If the spa cover has broken locks, it is no longer considered to be an ASTM child-safe hot tub cover. Your homeowner’s insurance may require that you have a lockable cover for proper insurance coverage. Getting a replacement hot tub cover may be necessary.

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